Isola di San Pietro, a history of sea routes, departures and moorings.

Carloforte tells a story of seafarers. The adventure of Genoese ancestors who made this wild land their home and the heart of a flourishing fishing and voyaging fleet. Welcoming those who now come - sailors for a moment - to get to know its shimmering sea and unique but not so distant land.


Springtime on the island

The summer season arrives early here. The sea becomes calm, the countryside colourful and the air fragrant. The town comes alive with the passage of tuna, bringing with it the pleasure of unique dishes of freshly caught fish. 

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Organise your stay

Make a reservation and find someone waiting for you: at the hotel, at the restaurant, at the port. Every day choose a different destination on the island and explore with ease. Find a house, learn to sail, immerse yourself in the Tarbarchino culture.


How to get here, how to get around, when to come

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