When: Every year on the 29th June
Where: In the town centre and harbour
What: Religious procession and activities in the town center

On 29th June Carloforte celebrates its patron saint, Saint Peter (San Pietro). The anniversary, which is deeply felt, has deep roots in history and legend. The episode in which the Saint lands on the island to find shelter from a violent storm is the backdrop to the celebrations, which culminate in an evocative procession through the streets of the town and, even more characteristic, by sea in the town port. The event involves the entire island community: the fishermen carry the simulacrum of their patron saint on their shoulders, followed by the large, richly decorated crucifixes. The procession departs from the church of San Pietro to reach the Mamma Mahon quayside and continue into the sea at sunset. In the past, the saint was carried by a bastarda, one of the boats used in the tuna fishery, rowed by tuna fishermen; today, the honour falls to a motorboat. As the procession glides over the waters of the port, the sound of sirens comes from all the boats in the harbour, greeting the patron saint and announcing the fireworks that will light up the night of the festival.