When: all year
Where: north coast of San Pietro Island
Duration: 4 hours

Reservations & information:
Stefano Peddis, environmental hiking guide
Via Tommaso Napoli 34
09014 Carloforte SU
Tel: 3383349765
Email: carloforteoutdoor@gmail.com
Website: trekkingcarloforte.com/il-paesaggio-lunare-di-nasca
Facebook: Stefano Peddis guida escursionistica
Instagram: carloforte outdoor

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The excursion allows a visit to one of the most beautiful and isolated coves on the island, a deep inlet protected by an islet where the sea is generally calm. The area traversed during the excursion offers not only the most evocative landscape on the island, but also a natural and historical context of the highest value.

Narration of the natural and historical aspects of the area
Interesting aspects: inlet and isolated cove, botany, geology, zoology, history

Languages spoken: Italian, English