When: 1 to 3 September 2022
Where: Canale del Generale Park
What: Circus theatre, dance theatre, concerts, musical walks, multi-ethnic cuisine.
Performances at 7 p.m. for a fee. Free entrance from 8 p.m.

Organised by: Botti du Shcoggiu

Information and reservations
Tel. 347 9054753

Tickets 7 pm performances
Part of the Visions cycle, max. 60 people
Single: 8 €
Reduced price for children under 12: 5 €
Subscription for three performances: 15 €

Multiethnic menus Cucina in transito
15 €
Reserving a tasting ticket would not only support “Stazione di Transito” and Marballu’s, but also encourage less food waste.

Tickets can be purchased at the Festival infopoint c/o La Statua di Re Carlo Emanuele III – Carloforte
every day, from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

Or online:

During the weekend (Friday 2 to Sunday 4 September) there are also discounts on ferries to reach Carloforte from Portovesme or Calasetta.


Thursay 1 September

h 7 pm Lalla Aicha Traore and Marco Patané, directed by Elisa Zanolla, will stage “Bemankan: to each his own gift”. A metaphorical tale about the difficulties of growing up in the world of images, produced by the Associazione Siraba Italia, in collaboration with its twin sister in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, which has been bringing West African culture into various social spheres for more than twenty years. Tickets 8 €

h 9.30 pm NüShu is a funny circus theatre show set in a tailor’s shop, produced by Compañia Capicua, directed by Francesca Lissia. It stars five Spanish actress-acrobats who sew, dance, laugh and climb. Their language is expressed through the body, the silence, the chaos between mothers, grandmothers, daughters and companions. Free entrance.

h 11 pm Concert by Guappecartò, an Italian-Parisian instrumental quintet playing Mediterranean and particularly Balkan sounds. “Sambol – Amore migrante” is the title of their latest album and of this performance: the first part will be dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Sambol, a Croatian musician who fled Rijeka in the 1930s. Free entrance.

From 8 pm onwards Cucina in transito – Menu: Attiéké (cassava couscous, fresh fish and ripe plantain) and Lumpiang Gulay (fried vegetable roll with aubergine sauce).


Friday 2 September

h 7 pm Stand up comedy “Signorina lei è un maschio o una femmina?” with Gloria Giacopini and directed by Giulietta Vacis. A comedy show to reflect on how it happens that from being generically “children”, looked after and cuddled by all the adults, we become either male or female. Tickets 8 €

h 9.30 pm “Corto in danza”: four contemporary dance performances of which three soloists and a duo will take turns on stage. A project by TersicoreaToff/Officina delle arti sceniche e performative under the artistic direction of Simonetta Pusceddu. Starring XL Dance Company, Giulia Cannas, Silvia Bandini, Sin Yi Lau. Free entrance.

h 11 pm Concert by the Baro Drom Orkestar, one of the most interesting realities on the world music scene (with Brazilian sounds, echoes of Mongolian and Middle Eastern music). Born out of a passion for Eastern European rhythms and Mediterranean melodies, the quartet has developed an original language and rhythm that invites everyone to dance. Free entrance.

From 8 pm onwards Cucina in transito – Menu: Sinuglaw (tuna marinated in lemon, lime and apple vinegar, accompanied by vegetables and served with crispy pork belly) and Mafè (rice, vegetables, tomato sauce and peanut butter).


Saturday 3 September

h 7 pm Musical comedy “Le mille e una Bruna”. Tuscans Alberto Becucci and Alessandro Riccio play Franchino and Bruna, bringing to the stage the dynamics of the comic couple, in a challenge that straddles the line between foul-mouthed fun and light poetry. A great success that returns to the island. Tickets 8 €

h 9.30 pm “Oltrenotte”, a dance theatre show with live music produced by Tersicorea. A set table recalls a dinner that took place in the distant past. The ghosts of the diners, an extended family of 19th-century bourgeoisie, relive in the memories of the sole survivor, the butler. Characters wander around the room making these memories physical, recounting a bitter past that binds them… The conception and direction are by Lucrezia Maimone, the scenography and staging by Riccardo Serra. On stage Alessio Rundeddu, Amedeo Podda, Gerardo Gouveia, Elie Chateignier, Elisa Zedda, Francesca Assiero Brà, Elisa Vizioli, Andrès Aguirre, Ivonne Bello, Elsa Paglietti, Lucia Angèle Paglietti, Riccardo Atzori, Sara Vasarri, Sara Perra and Silvia Bandini. Free entrance.

h 11 pm concert by Ayom, whose name means the ‘Lord of Music’: according to Brazilian Candomblé, she stands inside the drums to teach singing, playing and dancing. A 6-piece band that took top honours at the Songlines award, they focus on the rhythms of Black Atlantic Music: from Brazil to Angola to Cape Verde to the Mediterranean. Their sound is a mix of tropical, Afro-Latin and Afro-Latin sounds and lyrics in Portuguese, Yoruba, Spanish etc. An irresistible charge. Free entrance.

From 8 pm onwards Cucina in transito – Menu: Tropical fregola (with tomato, peppers, turmeric and coconut milk) and Adodo (chicken marinated in soy sauce, with vegetables and crispy onion).


Ogni giorno

From 8pm onwards – “Cucina in transito”, multi-ethnic delicacies. Chefs Raul Jr Boongaling (Filipino) and Sambiry Fofana (Malian) will meet local chefs in the kitchens of the restaurants “Da Andrea al Cavallera”, “Al Tonno di Corsa” and “Pomata Bistrot”. Organised by “Stazione di transito”, a project of the Cagliari Carovana association.

The programme of performances is interspersed with the Zenzi’mbari, four ‘brothers of note’ who started out as a street band and offer entertaining musical rides: Parata Paranza Paganza (a mix of national popular music, New Orleans jazz, Colombian cumbia, afro funk and more).

The Canale del Generale Park – a hectare of exotic and Mediterranean plants, ancient walls, caves and panoramic paths a few steps from the centre of Carloforte – will be enlivened by Vano projections, with amazing lights.