When: 25 May to 28 September 2024
Where: Cavallera Theatre and City of Carloforte
What: Photographic project on Carloforte and the Island of San Pietro
Organised by: Federico Gualdi and Maurizio Pighizzini, with the patronage of the Municipality of Carloforte

Free entrance

Instagram: @amime.carloforte


From 25 May to 28 September, AMÍME, the artistic project of the international photographer Maurizio Pighizzini, lands in Carloforte: 25 photographic diptychs whose proceeds will be used to finance projects aimed at the environmental protection of the Island of San Pietro.

Sponsored by the Municipality of Carloforte – thanks to the invaluable support received from the entire council – AMÍME is a photographic project on Carloforte and the Island of San Pietro, which tells the story of this magical island in its visual completeness: a diptych, two photos that, side by side, form a work. Two mirror images that reflect and complete each other: the sea and the reflection of the land, the inhabitants of the island and the tourists visiting it, the water and the sand, the waves and the wind. Man and woman. A sometimes contrasting duality, the soul of San Pietro Island: the constant nature, eternal and solid to the passing of the years, and that of the human beings who live and nourish it, mutable and sovereign.

The exhibition seeks to tell the story of this splendid world with its rare authentic traits through images, in a fluid, sincere way, with a distorted reportage and in a pop style.

AMÍME is ready to welcome you in two main moments:
– From 26 May to 1 June, the works will be exhibited at the Cavallera Theatre (Via Diaz 4, free admission)
– From 25 May to 28 September, the diptychs will be exhibited at various points ‘du paize’ (‘of the village’ in Tabarchino): a map to discover them is available at the Infopoint.