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at ExMe – Centro comunale polivalente

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Sound archive, educational/museum route, games and dissemination.
Courses in spoken and written Tabarchino.
Consultancy for translations and transcriptions into Tabarchino.


The Polo Linguistico Tabarchino is located in the renovated premises of the former civic market (ExMe), a cultural space complementary to the Municipal Library.

The exhibition itinerary

The exhibition tells the story of the Genoese origins of the Tabarchino language, illustrating the influences coming from the Mediterranean countries with which the island has had commercial and cultural relations throughout history. The multimedia journey consists of exhibition panels, maps, a timeline of grammar and vocabulary, as well as several interactive stations. The “Parole – Pàule” station consists of 90 word cards with their translation in Italian and English. The “Proverbs and sayings” station uses telephones to listen to 40 typical expressions in the Tabarchino language. A multitouch table offers an audio and video archive on the Tabarchino language and interactive games on words and expressions. At the end of the route, there is a reference station-archive consisting of a PC, a document scanner and a laser printer, with all the materials collected and those produced specifically for the Language Centre.

Language services

The Sportello Linguistico Tabarchino offer courses, advice and translations of all kinds into the Tabarchino language.

Sportello Linguistico tabarchino
Spurtéllu da lengua tabarchiña
Facebook: @sltcarloforte