La Bottega, via Venezia n.6A, 09014 Carloforte SU
Cell: +39 3479054753
Facebook: BottiduShcoggiu

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Bötti du Shcöggiu was founded in Carloforte, on the island of San Pietro – Sardinia, in 1994 and since then it has worked on the territory dealing with production, promotion, training, distribution of live show and art in general.

Bötti du Shcöggiu is directed by Susanna Mannelli.
The core of Bötti is Cronopios, which since 1998 has been involved in various training and production projects investigating the endogenous resources of the territory. One of the objectives of the work is to experiment with “theatrical pedagogy” through formulas that can arise from places or from the comparison/relationship with the territory in its archetypal ritual forms and also, above all, from a fusion of ancient and contemporary arts. “La Bottega” is the working space of the Bötti.