When: tall year
Where: locality Nasca
Duration: 4 hours

Booking & information:
Stefano Peddis, environmental hiking guide
Via Tommaso Napoli 34
09014 Carloforte SU
Tel: 3383349765
Email: carloforteoutdoor@gmail.com
Website: trekkingcarloforte.com/il-paesaggio-lunare-di-nasca
Facebook: Stefano Peddis guida escursionistica
Instagram: carloforte outdoor

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Nasca is the most peculiar place on the island. You pass through a lunar landscape devoid of vegetation and characterised by the spectacular shapes of the volcanic rock eroded by the wind and waves. Descending the cliff, a splendid natural pool suddenly appears, the Tröggiu di Nasca, where it is possible to bathe even when the sea is very rough. During the excursion, you also pass along high cliffs overlooking the most beautiful landscape on the island of San Pietro.

Interesting aspects natural pool, volcanic moonscape, snorkelling, botany, fauna, geology, history.


Other services: Narration of naturalistic and historical aspects of the area
Languages spoken: Italian, English