When: all year round
Where: costa Ovest dell’Isola di San Pietro
Duration: 4 hours

Booking & information:
Stefano Peddis, guida ambientale escursionistica
Via Tommaso Napoli 34
09014 Carloforte SU
Tel: 3383349765
Email: carloforteoutdoor@gmail.com
Website: trekkingcarloforte.com/grotta-dei-colombi
Facebook: Stefano Peddis guida escursionistica
Instagram: carloforte outdoor

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The excursion takes place along high cliffs and has as its central point the Grotta dei Colombi, the most beautiful cave in Carloforte. A unique and secluded place where in summer you can take a fantastic swim, dive, or try deepwater climbing, or an easy but adrenalin-pumping climb over the sea.

Other services: Narration of natural and historical aspects of the area
Interesting aspects sea cave, snorkelling, deepwater climbing, diving, botany, fauna, geology, history

Suitable for: Families, Couples, Groups, Individual travellers
Difficulty: Intermediate

Languages spoken: Italian, English