When: 29 May to 1 July 2024. Daily, from 11 am to 8 pm
Where: Hall of the Boutique Hotel Villa Pimpina, in the old town centre.
What: Art exhibition by Marta Fontana
Organised by: Marta Fontana, with the patronage of the Municipality of Carloforte

Free entrance



The exhibition ‘Terre di mare’ (Lands of the Sea) brings together installation fragments and works of medium-small format by artist Marta Fontana, who has lived and worked on the island of San Pietro since 2001 in a sort of constant artistic residency that began with the use of local soils as pure colour. Despite the fact that over time Marta Fontana has increasingly chosen installation and participatory art or the conceptual use of objects and materials, she has never completely distanced herself from the pictorial use of local soils, remnants of mining excavations received as gifts over the years. Here Marta Fontana is exhibiting in Carloforte, after several years, four series of pictorial works created between 2006 and 2024, some of which have never been exhibited before, like small steps in time and in the island’s matter. The exhibition also includes a cycle of small works dedicated to the ‘Galanzieri’, a theme that Marta Fontana has been exploring for some time with the development of the public art project for the Municipality of Carloforte ‘Formiche di mare’.