The extraordinary diverse landscapes which the island of San Pietro offers is an ideal backdrop against which to celebrate your marriage. Golden beaches and flowering gardens, welcome newlyweds into a setting that promises happiness. The breathtaking views offered by the wild ruggedness of the rocky coastline and unreachable cliffs say more than words can to what an extraordinary adventure marriage is.

There are many opportunities offered in Carloforte to those who decide to celebrate their wedding on the island. Breathtaking natural scenery can be seen from the gardens of venues outside the village. Renowned restaurants, where elegance and familiarity go hand in hand with exquisite menus from top chefs. Hotels, pensions and other accommodation facilities are ready to welcome friends invited to the party at any time of the year.

The Municipality of Carloforte, in view of the celebrations, can authorise the use of some institutional and public spaces, among the most evocative on the island:

• the town council chamber and the ExMe hall;
• the beaches of Punta Nera, Girin, Guidi, Bobba and Caletta;
• the beautiful Colonne viewpoint;
• the Capo Rosso square by the lighthouse;
• the Pietro Biggio square;
• the Museum of the Sea at Taccarossa;
• the Giardino di note park in Via Santa Teresa;
• the Canale del Generale park.

For more information on the procedures necessary for the celebration of your civil marriage in Carloforte, please contact the Demographic Services Office of the Municipality of Carloforte, on +39 07818589205.