When: from 27 May to 22 July 2023
Where: Hotel Villa Pimpina,
via Genova 106, 09014 Carloforte SU
What: exhibition

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With the new 2023 season, our art itineraries begin at Villa Pimpina, as is our tradition, with authors who share a common thread with Carloforte, its inhabitants, our passions, culture, and our natural beauty.
This year we open the doors to our first exhibition, which will open on 27 May 2023 with the painter Rossana Simeone.

Her paintings represent an everyday made up of instants, intimate moments, in which she reinterprets a state of mind, a thought.

We share the beauty of these instants with her and propose that you share them with us.

Admission: free
Languages spoken: Italian, English, French, Polish