Where: Teatro Mutua Carloforte
Via Venezia, 38, 09014 Carloforte SU
When: 1 agosto 2022 ore 21.30
What: Theatre

Organiser Name: Teatro Laboratorio Alkestis CRS Soc. Coop.
Address: via Loru 31, Cagliari
Telefono info/prenotazioni: 070 306392
Email info/prenotazioni: info@teatroalkestis.it


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Between the end of July and the beginning of August, the summer tour of the Teatro Laboratorio Alkestis company will begin, with the Teatro Kabarett show LA CROCIATA DEI SENZA FEDE (THE CROSS OF THE FAITHLESS), an eulogy of intolerance, an original production by the historic theatre company from Cagliari and the Circo Calumèt art company, with Andrea Meloni and Sabrina Mascia, written and directed by Andrea Meloni.

The tour will touch three centres in Sardinia of great cultural value and tourist attraction.

The tour will end on Monday 1 August in Carloforte at the historic Teatro Mutua Carloforte.
Carloforte, like the other stops, is a centre of incredible natural and historical beauty, rich in cultural proposals, and a symbol of Sardinia’s ability to unite the most diverse cultural roots in a harmonious unicum.

The image of a new crusade, neither ideological nor confessional, sowing hatred and waving the banner of intolerance, is the suggestion from which the writing and staging of The Crusade of the Faithless springs.

Moving the steps of this ‘march’ of idiosyncrasy are a man and a woman, brought to the stage by Andrea Meloni and Sabrina Mascia, two wandering proselytes, radicalised intolerants. They are a sort of remake of the original human couple, the Adam and Eve in western sauce, abjuring, whipping and cynical.


Duration: 50 minutes
Language: Italian