When: 19-24 July



The Festival Creuza de Mà Musica per Cinema, an important event unique of its kind in Sardinia and among the very few in the panorama of national and international film festivals, focuses on a particular aspect of cinema: the relationship with music and sound. At the centre is always music and sound for moving images, in all its facets and in all its paths. The Festival deals with the problems and peculiar aspects of music in cinema with competence and rigour. It investigates its mystery, unveils its secret, the dialogue and exchange in the interaction between sound and images. And it does so by hosting great composers, directors, actors, sound technicians, editors and scholars who tell, each in a stimulating and different way, their relationship with music as applied to cinema, to discover the inseparable link on a dramaturgical and expressive level of music for images.

The Festival Creuza de Ma – acts as an open laboratory that crosses and merges the different declinations of the musical activity with the critical-theoretical one. If it is true that film music should be considered on the basis of its “specificity” (i.e. its complementarity with the cinematographic image), the Festival accords it a “centrality” while respecting the aesthetic canons that are in any case the canons of musical art.