Philosophical walk by Fabio Mulas, Giulia Balzano -CRIF Sardegna- and Marta Fontana.


When: Saturday 21 May, 10.30 am
Where: Meeting and departure from Piazza Pegli for a short walk with philosophical dialogue up to the San Carlo pier, where most of the activity of observation and reflection on the landscape will take place, hosting a public artwork by Marta Fontana.
Duration: The entire experience will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

Information: ,
mobile 340 9572811


Immersed in the landscape of Carloforte and in particular of the Molo San Carlo, destined to host a work of art by Marta Fontana, Fabio Mulas and Giulia Balzano, of the CRIF Centre for Research on Philosophical Investigation – Sardinia, will facilitate a session of Philosophy for Citizenship, a philosophical community practice aimed at the shared exercise of critical thinking.

The activity is open to the participation of all people who would like to experience a way of encountering and exploring reality mediated by philosophical dialogue.
Walking together and sharing views on the places we inhabit: an opportunity to meet and discuss, open to the community.


The philosophical walk is combined with the ‘OrtoForte’ event, under the patronage of the Municipality of Carloforte.