When: 16 September 2022, 7.45 pm
Where: Sala oratorio Piazza Repubblica
What: Book presentation
Duration: 2 hours

Organized by: Associazione culturale Saphyrina
Facebook: Associazione Culturale Saphyrina

Tel: (+39) 333 2872796

Presentation of the book by Pier Guido Quartero and Enzo Dagnino Genova e il corallo (Genoa and coral)

Genova e il corallo is the title of the book, a simple, direct title, but significant of the centuries-old link that unites the history of the Ligurian city and that of the precious ‘red gold’… Ideally, this volume represents a journey through the numerous studies published on the subject,… and thus an original synthesis that allows the reader to retrace the long history that unites the local population with coral. (Luisa Piccinno)

Genova e il corallo is one of those works that you do not leave until you have read the last word. The story of coral that the authors tell us in these pages turns out to be an authentic adventure, full of surprising twists and turns. (Monique Longerstay)