"Love is ... to get married on the island of San Pietro".

Over the past decade, many couples have chosen to celebrate their wedding on the island of San Pietro, in one of the picturesque streets of the old town or on one of the many beautiful beaches in Carloforte. They came from many parts of Italy:  Milan, Palermo, Turin, Naples, Trieste and Venice, and also from abroad: England, Ireland, France, Hungary and even Australia.
Among those who have chosen this location for their wedding was Barbara Serra, a famous reporter, BBC collaborator and presenter of Al Jazeera who has traveled the world far and wide but, for her wedding, chose to celebrate it right here.

Maybe it's the romantic and seductive feeling of the small seaside villages or perhaps it’s the unique setting that makes that special day and that "yes", surprisingly intimate and unforgettable. 

What is certain is that, for many, San Pietro Island is the island of the happy wedding.

There are 10 locations where you can celebrate your wedding in Carloforte with a civil ceremony:

• Girin Beach
• Punta Nera Beach
• Guidi Beach
• Beach of the Bobba
• Le Colonne Lookout
• Caletta Beach
• Piazzale Capo Rosso – Lighthouse
• Piazza Pietro Biggio
• Museum of the Sea - Location Taccarossa
• Giardino di Note - Via Santa Teresa


For those wishing to get married in Carloforte, questions can be asked at the Demographic Services Office of the City in Carloforte, at +39 07818589205.


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